Grammarly – Spell check & proof reading software

Have you ever typed something before just to end up being concerned your words might not make sense? Time to download Grammarly! Grammarly is a simple application that will help you write with better grammar. Sign up, download, and sound like an English expert. Even if you already are an English expert, Grammarly can help you edit your work after a long day. Imagine your words freely flowing without the worry of it sounding right!

Don’t know when to use there, their, or they’re? Don’t worry, Grammarly knows.

Grammarly has a free download along with an optional premium upgrade. Here’s a comparison between the two:

Critical grammar and spelling checks ✔ ✔
Advanced checks for punctuation, grammar, context, and sentence structure ✔
Vocabulary enhancement suggestions ✔
Genre-specific writing style checks ✔
Plagiarism detector that checks more than 16 billion web pages ✔
Price Free

$29.95 Monthly

$59.95 Quarterly


$139.95 Yearly



✔ Check your writing across the web

✔ Access your personal editor via Grammarly.com

✔ Access your documents on multiple devices

✔ Integrate with Microsoft® Office (Windows only)

✔ Use native desktop apps (Windows and macOS)

✔ See definitions and synonyms via double clicks

✔ Catch contextual spelling and grammar mistakes

✔ Add words to your personal dictionary

✔ See explanations of grammar rules

✔ Get performance stats via email


There are millions of users who have downloaded Grammarly and the company continues to develop new software and updates. Their software works almost everywhere you write including Apple devices, Android devices, Google Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Windows, Office, and MacOS.


Is Premium worth it?

Absolutely. If you use your computer, tablet, or phone at least once a day then you need to be using Grammarly Premium. The Premium version searches for more in-depth errors and provides more proofreading features. There are more than 400 writing issues Grammarly Premium searches for including complex grammar, sentence structure, punctuation, and style. The company also surveys their customers and have found some incredible statistics:


✔ 76% of users find writing more enjoyable

✔ 99% of students see improved writing grades

✔ 85% of users are now stronger writers

*Statistics straight from Grammarly.com


With the staggering amount of positive reviews, there is no reason for anyone to argue that Grammarly’s Premium isn’t worth it. Premium can lead individuals to perform better in personal tasks, school tasks, and work tasks which could ultimately lead to a pay rise or an extra bonus, leaving the value to really be priceless.


If you’re not sure if you should sign up for Grammarly Premium we recommend at least taking advantage of their free download. Give their free features a look and its value will most likely be enough to convince you to take the next step to upgrade.

Sign up, download and learn more about Grammarly here: https://grammarly.go2cloud.org/aff_c?offer_id=3&aff_id=29021