Shopify – Set Up E-Commerce Quick & Easy

It has never been such a great time to start an e-commerce business. According to several researchers the e-commerce market in the United States alone is roughly $220 Billion Dollars which is growing rapidly by 17% every year. Time to shift your entrepreneurial idea into reality, make use of the powerful e-commerce tool like Shopify and get ahead in your business niche and set up an online store right away.

The major benefits that you will reap from Shopify are,

1. It is quite affordable

The first rule in business is to have low overhead cost, spending too much money on just the website platform is clearly a bad call to make. Shopify offers affordable pricing starting at just $29 a month with a 14-day Free Trial. Be smart and make use of Shopify as it is one of the best in its services but offers the most affordable rates.

2. A visually attractive Online store

With Shopify, you can present your products in a vibrant and pleasing way. This platform will allow designers, crafters, and developers to use their skills to full potential and make a beautiful website that will acquire customers wanting to come back.

3. Shopify is equipped with powerful marketing tools

Marketing is what Shopify is made for, Shopify is jam packed with tools and apps that can boost your startup or struggling e-commerce business to the next level. Shopify will give you some extraordinary SEO optimization and marketing tools that will help you reach your potential customers.

4. The ultimate web hosting

Most new startups don’t have a good enough infrastructure to manage their e-commerce website creation, design, hosting, and all the coding, but no worry here, Shopify will take care of all techy stuff for you. This way you will be able to focus entirely on the productive parts of your business.

5. The ultimate security

Most startup business platforms are vulnerable to hackers and once the website is breached, it can be a tremendous problem for your business. The Shopify network takes good care of the security of your website and will keep it totally secure. There are even additional security features through third party apps for those who like to make sure they’re covered.

Now, let’s briefly discuss the specifications of the Shopify platform so you can determine yourself, how this amazing platform can be beneficial to you.

• Customer Groups section in Shopify will help you in becoming pretty organized in doing business with them.
• You can launch any Collection on the predictive Future Publishing tool, this tool will enable you to schedule the automatic collection uploads, which comes very handy for a lot of e-commerce purposes.
• The usage of the keyboard Shortcuts will enable you to Fly Around anywhere at Shopify
• The search capability will surely help customers dig deep into your whole Store, in case customers want to find something and they just can not find it by scrolling the whole website from top to bottom
• You can customize the look of your store in a very creative way through the creative tools provided by Shopify
• There is a gift card feature that comes in the professional package on Shopify.
• Their two-step security verification brings optimum security.

How to get set up and started with Shopify?

Well, it is actually quite simple, all you have to do is, go to Shopify.com, sign up, and start setting up your online store. Choose the theme and customize it specifically for your store. Add products to your stores in different collections, publish your store live, and get ready to market it to your customers! Shopify also offers a good option to have a domain directly through their platform. Reap the rewards, repeat the process, and grow into a successful Shopify store. It’s really that simple to get set up with your own E-commerce store.

For a 14-day Free Trial of Shopify, click here!

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